'First Love' deck - 8.5

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Introducing our 'First Love' deck:

First Love: "The thing, place, or activity of which one is fondest; one's most fundamental interest or attachment." ~ For many of us, this was skateboarding. This deck is a homage to those younger years.

'TruE' decks: After nearly 2 years we are pleased to finally present a new and improved shape to the previous iterations of Elevate decks. A product we believe is unlike anything on the market today. Long story short: we wanted to improve on our current shape so we took the traditional Elevate shape we know and love to our friends @ BBS to ensure the highest quality product is made exactly how we dreamed it would be. We dialled in the dimensions; being intentional with every tweak and improvement. Creating a shape completely our own and exclusive to the brand. After years of sampling, we can finally say we got that: so here they are for you too. 

~ 100% premium & sustainably sourced North American maple
~ Logo printed top graphic
~ *Assorted top plys*
~ Assorted sticker insert included*
Length - 32.4625
Nose - 7.25
Tail - 6.7125
Wheel Base - 14.25
Designed in the streets. Manufactured @ BBS.