Deck specs

Elevate Skateboards are proud to be made in Canada from start to finish. Hard rock Canadian maple, pressed to perfection so you don't have to worry; it's always good! These are the same decks our team rides and loves and have dialled in over the years to what we believe to be damn near the best shape! We're stoked to finally share it with the world. We describe it as a mellow kick to steep pop(complicated), average length tail with a big round nose. The nose is just bumping, take our word. It's a pop lovers delight! Enjoy the ride.
For those skate nerds like us that like to know:
8.0's: 31.8L x 14WB
8.125's: 31.75L x 14.25WB
8.25’s: 32.12L x 14.25WB
8.38’s: 32.20L x 14.25WB
8.5's: 32.38 x 14.32WB

8.75’s: 32.38L x 14.32WB